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Volcano Boarding in León

When I thought of the many things I would do in Nicaragua during my time studying abroad, I never thought I would go Volcano Boarding.

I had never even heard of volcano boarding until recently when a peer of mine suggested that we go.

Here is information about what was included in the $30. We also got free Quetzal Trekker shirts!

Standard schedule that was posted on the website.

My group is based in Managua, which is about 2 hours from León, the city where we will volcano board.

First of all we departed from Managua at 6 am and arrived in León around 8 am.

So, we arrived at Quetzal Trekkers in Leon, and signed in. Quetzal Trekkers is really cool because all of the money goes to charity!

It specifically helps children in Leon with obtaining educational and other opportunities. 

A day full of adrenaline

Cerro Negro, or Black Hill was the volcano we were going to slide down.

Known for being “one of Central America’s youngest and most active volcanoes”.

Once there, we borrowed yellow backpacks that held jumpsuits, goggles and gloves.

Then we grabbed huge bottles of water and hopped in a truck and drove about 35 to 40 minutes until we arrived.

Carrying the actual board to the top of the volcano was one of the hardest parts of the day, it was super heavy, and the wind didn’t make it any easier.

Therefore, I was glad I wore good sneakers that laced up, because the rocks on the volcano moved a lot when I walked on them, and the wind and the board made it even harder to balance.

The ride to the volcano was bumpy, but not unbearable.

The board fit between my back and the yellow backpack.

The actual hike up to the top of the mountain was about an hour long. The group made a stop in the middle to take photos and have a water break.


One of the volunteers at Quetzal Trekkers stayed at the back of the group and supported those of us who needed help– so I would encourage anyone to go! Don’t be afraid of the hike!

An exciting moment

Despite the fact it wasn’t easy, it shouldn’t be the reason you don’t have this experience, the views are beautiful and absolutely worthwhile.

This is the entire group I traveled with! We had a lot of fun.






After the beautiful and rewarding, but challenging hike ended, we took a while to marvel at the view from the top of the volcano.

We walked near a crater of the volcano and just enjoyed nature and it’s beauty.

Honestly I took more photos than I needed because I was nervous about sliding down the volcano, which was the next activity on the list.

In the middle of the picture, slightly to the left are two trucks. This is just for an idea how high and steep the volcano is.

The volcano was at a downward 45 degree angle and the speed picked up so fast. Hence, I was so nervous.

Another person in the group was going 30 mph… I went about 5 mph and I screamed the whole way down, lol.

Full volcano boarding gear! I purchased the bandana separately.

Exhilarating and nerve-wrecking

As I first placed my board down and tried to sit on it, I already began to slide down the volcano.

My whole body was covered except my head and I was extremely hot.

While sliding, I remembered the directions to put my feet in the ground and lean forward to slow down.

Although I was sure to follow those directions, I was still sliding pretty quickly.

Additionally, the front of my board was beginning to fill with volcanic rocks and so were my socks.

A great day to remember

Black dust was flying past me as I slid down and I was thankful for my $2 bandana and the borrowed goggles I was wearing.

Even though it was black sand, I could see when it was getting steeper, it was both exhilarating and nerve-wrecking.

That is why I let myself fly when I got to the end, because if I fell, I wouldn’t have to do it again.

Position to slide faster, that most of my friends used.

This is the position to slide slowly that I most frequently used.



Getting to the bottom made me so proud of myself & happy that I made the choice to go volcano boarding!



View of Cerro Negro from the start of the hike.

Overall, I had a great day and I encourage you to add volcano boarding to your bucket list.

Every aspect was both new and fun. Hiking was challenging and rewarding, with a beautiful and unique view.

Most of all, the slide down was unforgettable! Just being on an active volcano was awesome!

In conclusion, if you’re ever in León, Nicaragua and in the mood for an adventure, I recommend volcano boarding!

Collaboration with Amijah Townsend-Holmes

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