Top Five Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua (and Salaries of the Workers)

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The primary goal of this infographic is to scrutinize the wealth gap between foreign tourists and local Nicaraguans.

A search on the internet yields a variety of lists of “Top Ten” tourist attractions in different parts of the world, including Nicaragua.

For the last two months I’ve spent here, I know I have done some activities as a tourist as well.

Now, I want to be more critical of the tourism industry in contrast with the lives of the majority of the Nicaraguan people and the opportunities available to them.

I wanted to show some of these differences between the two groups to spark a conversation about an apparent wealth gap in this society.

Tourism in Nicaragua: nice and cheap

For this infographic, I found the most popular attractions in different cities in Nicaragua.

There is a restaurant, a hotel, and three tours in the cities of Managua, León, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, Bluefields, and Pearl Lagoon.

For each one, I include a photo and the price. In another color, I point out the average or minimum daily wage of a person working in the corresponding industry.

All are centered around a map of Nicaragua to see the extent of the impacts of tourism across the country.

One of the five examples is in Matagalpa. There is a company called Matagalpa Tours, which offers numerous types of trips ranging from one day to twenty days.

The tour I chose to illustrate is about coffee, lasting two days. It is approximately 2,983 Córdobas or $97 USD for each person for the whole tour.

In contrast, the campesinos who work there in coffee production earn roughly 3,774 Córdobas or 123 dollars per month.

One two-day hike would cost more than three quarters of a whole month’s salary.

With these examples, I hope that if the tourism industry continues to increase, we can think critically about the economic and cultural impacts here in Nicaragua.







Credits: TripAdvisor,, FADCANIC, Trading Economics, La Prensa, Matagalpa Tours.
Collaboration with Ivana Giang

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